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Домашние Животные

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Холли Вебб. Щенок Рина, или Таинственное путешествие
 2015 129.00 руб.

Мама у девочки Эми – японка, и щенок тоже японской породы, сиба-ину. Крошка Рина – настоящий верный друг для своей маленькой хозяйки, они всё делают вместе, ну разве что в человеческую школу не ходят.

Владимир Иванович Чистополов. Как накормить собаку и еще кое о чем
 2014 0 руб.

При всей любви к своей собаке, ее нельзя приучать к кусочничеству и все время баловать разными вкусными вещами. Хотя это бывает трудно.

Ксения Колосова. Я нашла вам собаку
 2018 250.00 руб.

Книг о собаках и кошках выходит много, и мы решили издать ещё одну только потому, что написана она о том, о чём писать не очень принято: о бездомных животных. Люди понимают, что помочь всем невозможно, и бесконечные просьбы о помощи, то и дело возникающие в соцсетях, периодически начинают вызывать у нас муки совести, а затем и неизбежное раздражение. И вот тут очень помогает осознание того, что появление собаки в доме – это история не про геройство и большие жертвы, а, прежде всего, про радость, дружбу, более глубокое знакомство с собой, наконец.

Сборник. Кошки и люди. Истории любви
 2019 399.00 руб.

Книга невыдуманных историй о кошках, котах и людях. О переплетении судеб человека и животных, о дружбе, любви и верности. Рассказы написаны разными авторами, отредактированы с сохранением авторского стиля. Сюжетно части сборника никак не связаны и могут быть прочитаны и перечитаны в любом порядке. Создатели книги хотели вызвать в сознании читателя заглушенные нотки добра и сострадания, так необходимые для воспитания души. Рекомендовано для семейного чтения, без возрастных ограничений.

Collins Dictionaries. Collins Complete Dog Manual
  1468.12 руб.

A comprehensive, beautifully illustrated guide to all aspects of owning a dog.All of the aspects of dog ownership are covered in the comprehensive Collins Complete Dog Manual. From choosing which breed is right for you, to all elements of looking after your dog, training your dog and building a meaningful relationship with your dog, this book is the most complete and most authoritative guide to caring for and living with your beloved pet.The book offers an appealing combination of accurate and practical information and stunning photography.Includes:Which Breed?Finding a DogRescue DogsThe Perfect PuppySettling into a New HomeDog Breed GuideThe Most Popular BreedsDog BehaviourHuman/Dog RelationshipCommunication MechanismsCuring Common ProblemsTrainingDaily CareHealthcareAdvanced Dog Care

Isabel George. DOG Is GOD Spelt Backwards: Bonnie
  78.54 руб.

An inspiring and heart-warming short story of canine devotion and bravery.When Corporal Jenny Chester was matched with Arms and Explosives search dog Bonnie it felt like the best Christmas present ever.Friends from day one, partners beyond doubt, through service in Bosnia and Iraq they shared food on the run, sleeping in bags in the cold and shade of the same tree. A bond made in wartime that created a partnership for life.Extracted from the bestselling title The Dog That Saved My Life.

Rachel Wells. Alfie the Holiday Cat
  313.40 руб.

The Sunday Times bestseller returns for a fourth book! Alfie and his mischievous kitten George are back for more adventures – this time taking them a long way from home…Alfie and George just can’t seem to keep out of trouble. So when they hear that their owners have got a new holiday home, they can’t wait to visit it and enjoy some new adventures.But when they arrive, they don’t find the comfort they’re used to. Crumbling walls, peeling paint, dripping ceilings…this little Cornish cottage is clearly on its last legs.Family and friends rally round to try and save the cottage – but it soon becomes clear that the locals don’t want them there at all. It’s up to Alfie and George to make sure their family is welcomed into the village – that’s if they can keep out of the way of the nastiest cat they’ve ever encountered…

Monty Roberts. The Dog Listener: Learning the Language of your Best Friend
  790.03 руб.

You’ve heard of the Horse Whisperer – now meet the woman who uses similar methods to train dogs.Jan Fennell’s remarkable gifts have earned her the nickname “the dog listener”. Her unique understanding of the canine world and its instinctive language has enabled her to bring even the most desperate and delinquent of dogs to heel.This easy-to-follow guide to understanding Jan’s simple techniques draws on her countless case histories of problem dogs – from biters and barkers to bicycle chasers – to show how we can bridge the language barrier that separates man from his best friend.In The Dog Listener Jan shares her secrets, telling us how she grew determined to find a more compassionate alternative to standard “obedience” training techniques and ultimately how to communicate with canines.

Caitlin Doyle. Outrageously Adorable Dog Knits: 25 must-have styles for the pampered pooch
  146.45 руб.

Dogs can’t knit. But they sure can wear it well.Could your Chinese crested powder puff rock a vintage ruffled bonnet? Does your pug pine for a fabulous ten-gallon cowboy hat? Or perhaps your bulldog hopes to cast off his thuggish street cred with a preppy letterman sweater?Featuring more than 25 super-cute knitting patterns and embellishments, Outrageously Adorable Knits for Dogs is a fun and simple way to swathe your four-legged friend in the very best of handmade finery!With clearly explained step-by-step instructions and inspiringly hilarious photographs, this unique book provides adorable knitting projects and how-to advice for novice knitters and precocious purlers alike. So whether you wish to adorn your canine fashionista with a stylish beret, toasty legwarmers, adorable rabbit ears, or a cozy sweater for crisp winter nights, Outrageously Adorable Dog Knits is the perfect book for you.

Sally Hyder. Finding Harmony: The remarkable dog that helped a family through the darkest of times
  235.51 руб.

Heartwarming, inspirational and genuinely touching, Finding Harmony is the remarkable true story of an extraordinary dog that rescued a woman from the depths of depression and transformed a family for ever.A keen mountaineer, Sally Hyder was in her prime and loving life. She shared her passion for climbing with her partner Andrew and it was a dream come true when Andrew proposed at Everest Base Camp. For them, climbing mountains made anything seem possible and represented their attitude to life.But a year after Sally and Andrew were married Sally was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She was only 28 and was training to be a Macmillan nurse – she wanted to care for the terminally ill. But Sally was determined the disease wouldn't slow her down: she went back to work looking after others and, despite warnings that her condition could deteriorate in pregnancy, went on to have three beautiful children.But it was when her youngest child Melissa was diagnosed with severe autism that Sally began to spiral into depression. Sally felt guilty about the pressures faced by her elder daughter Clara in her role as carer. Sally worried that she was missing out on the freedom of childhood.She needed help. Unsure who to turn to, she happened upon Canine Partners and an extraordinary dog called Harmony. They formed an instant bond; Harmony can perform over 100 chores – from putting groceries into the trolley to handing over Sally's purse at the till. Harmony is an unending source of comfort: she intuitively knows when Sally is in pain and calms Melissa when she suffers panic attacks.Harmony has given Sally the ability to start living once more, and become a mother again in her own way. She has shown Sally that the sky's the limit and, with a taste for independence that she hadn't felt since her mountaineering days, Sally set her sights on the peaks of Ben Nevis once more.In August 2010 Sally planned to climb the hardest of the Munro Mountains. Sadly her first attempt was thwarted after her motorised wheelchair short-circuited. But Sally is a fighter and reached the summit in June 2011 with her husband by her side. And Harmony too, of course.

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