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Евгений Шишкин. Правда и блаженство
 2011 176.00 руб.

Эпопея «Правда и блаженство» охватывает полвека российской истории – от хрущевской «оттепели» до путинской России. Главные герои книги: генерал, монах и «вечный любовник» – проходят жестокую и радостную юность, армию, локальные войны, вербовку спецслужбами. Они проходят испытание годами перелома в 1991-м и 1993-м. И всех их ждет безумно счастливая и оглушительно несчастная любовь.

Валентин Сергеевич Гнатюк. Рюрик. Полёт сокола
 2016 269.00 руб.

«Рюрик. Полёт Сокола» – книга из цикла произведений об изначальной истории Руси. Роман написан Михаилом Задорновым совместно с Валентином и Юлией Гнатюк, авторами ряда книг на древнеславянскую тематику, среди которых повествование о сыне Рюрика Игоре и замечательная трилогия о его внуке князе Святославе Хоробром.

Marguerite Kaye. Scoundrel in the Regency Ballroom: The Rake and the Heiress / Innocent in the Sheikh's Harem
  608.18 руб.

by Marguerite KayeThe Rake and the Heiress: Any virtuous society lady would know to run a mile from Mr Nicholas Lytton. But Lady Serena Stamppe, returning from exile in France, is blissfully unaware of this rake’s reputation. He just happens to be the one person who can help unlock the mystery surrounding her inheritance. Accepting Nicholas’s offer of assistance, Serena soon discovers the forbidden thrills of liaising with a libertine!Also includes: Innocent in the Sheikh's Harem

Louise Allen. A Regency Rake's Redemption: Ravished by the Rake / Seduced by the Scoundrel
  547.65 руб.

Ravished by the RakeFor vivacious Lady Perdita Brooke, teasing Alistair Lyndon with reminders of their passionate night together was meant to be a game. But the honourable young man Perdita knew had become a devastatingly dashing rake… and he had ascandalous ace up his sleeve!Seduced by the ScoundrelShipwrecked and washed up on an island, Averil Heydon is terrified – and being rescued by mysterious, roguish naval captain Luc d’Aunay doesn’t calm her fears! Virginal Averil knows that falling for Luc is dangerous, but the pull of their attraction is irresistible…

Elizabeth Beacon. Regency Surrender: Forbidden Pasts: Lord Laughraine's Summer Promise / Redemption of the Rake
  729.96 руб.

Their pasts won’t stay hidden for longLord Laughraine's Summer Promise Nine years ago Callie Sommers eloped with Gideon Laughraine. But their passionate romance ended in tragedy. Now Gideon has promised to reclaim the wife he loved and lost. With her husband fighting for a second chance, now could be the time for Callie to forget scandal and trust in the man she once held so dear…Redemption of the RakeJames Winterley’s dangerous past is about to catch up with him and widowed Rowena Westhope risks being caught in the crossfire! The spark James experiences with this fiercely independent beauty is undeniable – so when the only way to protect Rowena is to renounce his rakish ways and marry her, he knows it’s more than duty tempting him to the altar!

Janice Preston. Regency Surrender: Scandalous Return: Return of Scandal's Son / Saved by Scandal's Heir
  729.96 руб.

He’s back, and badder than ever!Return of Scandal’s SonIn her moment of need Lady Eleanor Ashby seeks help from a mysterious stranger. But the dashing Matthew Thomas is not all he seems. And when it appears someone is trying to hurt her Eleanor he’s determined to protect her. It’s time for Matthew to return home and confront his scandalous past if Eleanor is to be part of his future…Saved by Scandal’s HeirHarriet, Lady Brierley, is a respectable widow, is determined to keep the secrets of her broken heart deeply buried. But when Benedict Poole returns – the very man who deserted her – Harriet’s safe world threatens to unravel.

Margaret McPhee. A Regency Captain's Prize: The Captain's Forbidden Miss / His Mask of Retribution
  730.69 руб.

The Captain’s Forbidden MissBattle-weary Captain Pierre Dammartin has secured the ultimate bargaining tool: holding his enemy’s daughter as his captive. Josephine Mallington is the one woman he should hate…yet her vulnerable beauty soon leads Pierre to want her for reasons other than revenge…His Mask of RetributionHeld at gunpoint on Hounslow Heath, Marianne is taken prisoner by a mysterious masked highwayman. Her father owes this man a debt and now Marianne must pay the price…but she finds more than vengeance in the highwayman’s smouldering amber eyes…

Amanda McCabe. A Regency Duchess's Awakening: The Shy Duchess / To Kiss a Count
  730.69 руб.

Escape to a world of roguish rakes and daring debutantes with this incredible Regency collection from Mills & Boon.The Shy Duchess by Amanda McCabeNicholas, Duke of Manning, isn’t looking for a bride, but he won’t pass up a stolen kiss at a masked ball. Yet when he finds himself betrothed to the masked beauty, Nicholas is determined to find out everything about his shy duchess…starting on their wedding night!To Kiss a Count by Amanda McCabeAfter a doomed affair in Sicily, Thalia Chase returned to England to try to forget the enigmatic Italian Count di Fabrizzi. But when she discovers him in Bath on a dangerous mission, it’s clear the Count never intended their parting to be anything but temporary…

Carole Mortimer. A Regency Lady's Scandal: The Lady Gambles / The Lady Forfeits
  730.69 руб.

Escape to a world of roguish rakes and daring debutantes with this incredible Regency 2 in 1 from Mills & Boon. Featuring many of our best-loved Historical romance authors, this is a delightfully indulgent and beautifully presented treat for fans of Regency romance.The Lady GamblesLady Caroline Copeland has entered London’s mostinfamous gambling club and her reputation depends onkeeping her identity secret. But, when she locks eyes with thedevilishly handsome gentleman at the back of the room, hisgaze burns through her disguise…The Lady ForfeitsWhen Lady Diana Copeland arrives in London to tell hernew guardian what she thinks of his outrageous demands,she doesn’t expect Lord Faulkner to be so intoxicatinglyhandsome. Nor is Diana prepared for his most shockingproposal yet: that she become his countess!

Sarah Mallory. A Regency Baron's Bride: To Catch a Husband... / The Wicked Baron
  119.59 руб.

To Catch a Husband…Impoverished husband-hunter Kitty Wythenshawe knows what she must achieve by the end of her London Season – a marriage to a wealthy gentleman that will save her family. But, when she kisses landowner Daniel Blackwood, his fortune is suddenly the last thing on her mind…The Wicked BaronBaron Luke Ainslowe may be an infamous master of seduction, but Carlotta Durini refuses to become his next conquest. She lost her heart to Luke once before and now believes herself impervious to him…but what if the scandalous Baron refuses to take no for an answer?

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