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Николай Иванович Леонов. Рецепт красивой смерти (сборник)
 2019 299.00 руб.

В подмосковном лесу найден труп грибника. В кармане убитого обнаружены искусственные алмазы очень высокого качества. Изготовить такие кустарным способом невозможно. Полковники МВД Гуров и Крячко выходят на крупное НИИ, занимающееся драгоценными камнями. Сыщикам кажется подозрительным, что самый перспективный специалист НИИ Владимир Захаров внезапно оказался за решеткой и, по тюремным документам, умер в заключении. Похоже, его исчезновение сфабриковано. Оперативники теряются в догадках, но только до тех пор, пока не сталкиваются с человеком, как две капли воды похожим на… покойного Захарова.

Саймон Бекетт. Химия смерти
 2006 189.00 руб.

Маленькая английская деревушка потрясена серией загадочных убийств…

Найо Марш. Убийство под аккомпанемент
 1949 199.00 руб.

Знаменитого джазмена Карлоса Риверу застрелили прямо во время концерта. И так случилось, что инспектор Родерик Аллейн находился во время совершения преступления среди зрителей! Но кто же убийца? Лорд Пастерн-и-Бэгготт, сделавший все для раскрутки джаз-бэнда Карлоса, а взамен получивший только черную неблагодарность? Суровая супруга лорда, леди Сесиль, обнаружившая, что Ривера крутит роман с ее дочерью, красавицей Фелиситэ? Или кто-то еще из множества недругов и завистников прославленного музыканта?

Tara Taylor Quinn. At Close Range
  119.59 руб.

Criminal court judge Hannah Montgomery is presiding over a murder trial in Phoenix, Arizona.When the jury finds the defendant, Bobby Donahue, not guilty, Hannah is convinced they've reached the wrong verdict. Especially when strange things start happening around her… For one thing, a judge she's always trusted is making decisions she doesn't understand. For another, her pediatrician is being questioned in the deaths of several young patients–including Hannah's adopted son.The police say it was murder. Dr. Brian Hampton says he's been framed. Still reeling from grief at the loss of her child, Hannah no longer knows who to believe, who's lying and who's not. Despite her faith in Brian, she begins to wonder if he's betrayed her. Is he connected with Donahue? Is he responsible for her son's death?

Heather Graham. Picture Me Dead
  119.59 руб.

Ashley Montague is nearing the end of her police training–but nothing has prepared this rookie for the rite of passage that will take her on a deadly ride into the underbelly of Miami’s drug world. It begins with the shocking discovery of a body on the highway and her glimpse of a mysterious hooded figure watching from the side of the road. Then Ashley’s investigation into the incident reveals a surprising connection to another crime scene miles away. In the heart of the Everglades, Detective Jake Dilessio stares at the mutilated body of a woman–the killing identical to those carried out by a cult leader he put behind bars five years ago. Is this a copycat killing or is the wrong man doing time?The last thing Ashley and Jake want or need is the electric pull of desire as they are dragged deeper into a dangerous world of corruption and conspiracy. Now, with time running out and their lives on the line, they have everything to fight for…and everything to lose.

Laurie Breton. Point Of Departure
  119.59 руб.

Everyone assumes that successful Boston Realtor Kaye Winslow has it all. Until the day she goes out to show an expensive new listing and vanishes into thin air, leaving behind her credit cards, her BlackBerry and an unidentified male corpse. None of this makes sense–not to her husband, not to her business partner and not to the Boston P.D.But as the investigation ratchets up, homicide detectives Doug Policzki and Lorna Abrams discover the beautiful blond Realtor has an interesting dark side she's kept carefully hidden. Turns out a lot of people don't like Kaye, and many of them have a beef with her.But until the not-so-lovely Kaye Winslow is located, people close to her are just a little bit twitchy–because any one of them could be accused of murder.

Carla Neggers. Cold Ridge
  119.59 руб.

Carine Winters accepts the job of photographing Sterling Rancourt's historic Boston home knowing she's taking a risk–she could run into Tyler North, the pararescuer who once saved Rancourt's life and the man who all but left Carine at the altar a year ago. Then Carine finds a body in Rancourt's house–and the prime suspect in the murder is Tyler North's best friend. Tyler is returning from a rescue mission on dangerous Cold Ridge in northern New Hampshire when he hears about the murder. Tyler goes to see his friend Manny, expecting him to ask for help.Instead, Manny urges Tyler to protect Carine, to take her back to Cold Ridge, away from the temptation to meddle in a murder investigation. What Manny knows is that Carine's at the center of a deadly game. And the only person she can trust is the person she vowed never to trust again: Tyler North.But they're running out of time–because a killer has followed them to Cold Ridge…a killer who has put a murderous plan in motion, with stakes higher than anyone can imagine.

BEVERLY BARTON. Dangerous Deception
  211.48 руб.

Sometimes love is the most dangerous truth of all… For Lausanne Raney, romance meant nothing but trouble. Once it cost her her freedom and her baby girl. Now she’s got a respectable life…but desperately needs money to find her child. When she accepts an unusual offer from her wealthy employer’s daughter, she finds herself under deadly suspicion—and the unwanted protection of security agent Domingo Shea.Bad enough the courageously honest ex-Navy SEAL doesn’t completely trust Lausanne any more than she does him. But worse still, the instant electric attraction between them is impossible to resist.And the deeper their investigation goes, the more Lausanne struggles to convince Dom to leave her—for both their sakes. But with a ruthless killer lying in wait, there will soon be no safe place for her or Dom to hide…

Jasmine Cresswell. Payback
  119.59 руб.

For twenty-five years multimillionaire businessman Ron Raven played the loving husband and father–to two very different households.But when Ron disappears, his deception is revealed. Now it's time for…PAYBACK. The police assume bigamist and wealthy businessman Ron Raven paid the price of his crimes with his life–a conclusion his «second» family, the Fairfaxes, accepts.So when restaurateur Luke Savarini outrageously claims to have seen his former investor–in the flesh!–Kate Fairfax is furious. When her anger cools, evidence leaves Kate facing the possibility that her father is still alive. With Luke's help, Kate is willing to risk everything to find Ron Raven, if it means bringing him to justice, once and for all.

Chris Jordan. Trapped
  119.59 руб.

“Mom, I need your help. Please call–” That’s it. The call cuts off in mid-sentence. No static. Just an overwhelming silence. Single mother Jane Hartley is frantic when her 16-year-old daughter Kelly disappears from her bedroom one night. To Jane’s frustration, the police believe that Kelly ran off willingly with her boyfriend. Unaware that her daughter even had a boyfriend, Jane soon discovers that her little girl has been hiding dangerous secrets… just like her mother.Adamant that Kelly is not a runaway, Jane hires ex-FBI agent Randall Shane to follow the trail of her missing child. But every step brings them closer to a cold-blooded predator lurking in the shadows…waiting to strike. A thrilling suspense novel, Lost is every mother’s nightmare and one monster’s dream come true.

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