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Кен Кизи. Последний заезд. Настоящий вестерн
 1994 249.00 руб.

Последний роман Кена Кизи, психоделического гуру и автора одной из знаковых книг XX века, «Над кукушкиным гнездом»! В переводе выдающегося мастера Виктора Голышева, которому мы и обязаны «Кукушкой»!

Андрей Леонардович Воронов-Оренбургский. Квазинд. Когда оживают легенды
 1997 199.00 руб.

США. Конец XIX в. Главный герой – русский человек из очередной волны европейских переселенцев. Волею судьбы он оказывается на Диком Западе, где всего вдоволь – индейцев, бандитов и красоток. Загадочные убийства будоражат пограничный городок Рок-таун. Кто стоит за ними – индейские духи или вполне реальные люди? Вот это-то и предстоит выяснить герою.Для оформления обложки использована фотография из личного архива.Содержит нецензурную брань.

Mario Micolucci. Dannato Malloppo!
  257.46 руб.

Western all'italiana.

Diana Palmer. A Husband For Christmas: Snow Kisses / Lionhearted
  598.10 руб.

Two classic Diana Palmer Christmas stories Who will find passion, redemption and happily-ever-after in their stocking this year…?SNOW KISSESWhen model Abby Shane returns home from New York, she can’t let any man touch her. But Cade McLaren isn’t just any man and in his powerful arms Abby slowly begins to heal.Soon Abby hungers for the blaze she’d sparked in him one summer night a lifetime ago…LIONHEARTED As Christmas approaches, starry-eyed debutante Janie Brewster is determined to prove to rancher Leo Hart that she’s perfect for him. However, attempting to dazzle the confirmed bachelor isn’t working. But wait…is it hot-blooded hunger in his eyes during those smouldering kisses beneath the mistletoe?

Diana Palmer. Christmas with the Rancher: The Rancher / Christmas Cowboy / A Man of Means
  718.58 руб.

The RancherCort Brannt, the handsome heir to the Skylance Ranch empire, has women throwing themselves at him, but this eligible bachelor sends them on their way, until a pretty, vivacious neighbour catches his attention. – Christmas Cowboy – Eight years ago, Corrigan Hart wasn’t the marrying kind, but he’d desired innocent Dorie Wayne. He was too much for her to handle and she’d fled to New York. Now Dorie is back, older, wiser, and the sparks still fly…A Man of MeansFrom the moment rancher Rey Hart first set eyes on Meredith Johns, he was mesmerised. She came to work on the ranch as a cook and soon the hot-tempered cattleman just didn’t want to let her go!

Carla Cassidy. Home on the Ranch: Oklahoma: Defending the Rancher's Daughter / The Rancher Bodyguard
  598.10 руб.

THESE WILD WEST BODYGUARDS KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO RIDE TO THE RESCUE! DEFENDING THE RANCHER'S DAUGHTER Kate Sampson is lucky to be alive after nearly being trampled by a stampeding cattle herd–she has to be on alert every second. Professional bodyguard Zack West offers protection…and something a lot more dangerous. The sensual cowboy had branded her with his passion years ago. Now he's back, ready to claim her love all over again.THE RANCHER BODYGUARD Grace Covington had vowed never again to lay eyes on the hotshot defense attorney who'd broken her heart. But when her stepfather is murdered, her sister found holding the bloody knife, Charlie Black is the only one who can help. And he seems determined to prove he's a changed man, too, capable of protecting her–body and soul.

Diana Palmer. White Christmas: Woman Hater / The Humbug Man
  718.58 руб.

Cathy Gillen Thacker. One Wild Cowboy and A Cowboy To Marry: One Wild Cowboy / A Cowboy to Marry
  478.34 руб.

TWO WESTERN TALES ABOUT FINDING LOVE…AND FAMILY!ONE WILD COWBOYAll Emily McCabe wants is for Dylan Reeves to pretend they're dating, so she can get her overprotective clan out of her life. But he flat out refuses. So why does the sexy horse whisperer kiss her in front of the whole town? Could the untamable bachelor actually be dreaming of making a life with Laramie County's most willful woman?A COWBOY TO MARRYThe only way for widow Libby Lowell to move on with her life is to leave Laramie, Texas. But Holden McCabe isn't letting Libby go. Not after she turned to him in her hour of need…and their passion created a baby. Is this their biggest mistake, or the second chance they've both been searching for?

Diana Palmer. Christmas On His Ranch: Maggie's Dad / Cattleman's Choice
  598.10 руб.

Maggie's DadHot-tempered rancher Powell Long had once stolen Antonia Haye's heart. But small-town lies tore their young love apart, forcing Antonia to flee.Years later, she's returned to find Powell raising a daughter alone. Fatherhood hasn't tempered his wild side, or his feelings for the one woman he's always wanted–Antonia.Not even her pride could make her ignore the eager pull of her heartstrings. And taking a chance at a future family with Powell was simply too irresistible….Cattleman’s ChoiceCarson Wayne had come to Mandelyn Bush with the ultimate request: he needed her to teach him how to treat a lady. No doubt he'd asked the right person—Mandelyn was as polished and feminine as Carson was rough and reclusive. And she was the only person who could reason with him during one of his barroom brawls.It was too intriguing a challenge to turn down. Mandelyn was curious about what lay beneath the outlaw's hard shell. She suspected that the renegade was really a caring and sensitive man.But what she hadn't counted on were her own feelings for this irresistible rebel.

Jennifer Drew. One Bride Too Many: One Bride Too Many / One Groom To Go
  598.10 руб.

ONE BRIDE TOO MANYMarriage was never in the cards for Cole Bailey. But his grandfather is demanding he marry a «„nice“» girl—and soon! When he asks his old chum Tess Morgan to hook him up with her single friends, she's less than thrilled. How can she prove SHE'S the perfect one…and that there's simply one bride too many?ONE GROOM TO GOZack Bailey is determined to avoid the marriage trap. It's bad enough that he has to guest-star on a women's home-improvement show. Gorgeous host Megan Danbury is so picky, he's ready to swear off females for good! But when sparks start flying on the set, Zack sees Megan in a whole new—and very attractive!—light. Maybe he's more than ready to suit up and walk down the aisle after all!

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