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Сергей Дрей. Караван мертвеца
 2019 150.00 руб.

Проведя ужасный год в пекле «Мёртвой долины», Сид Джонсон вынужденно соглашается на сделку, не сулящую ему ничего, кроме проблем. Но выбора у него нет, ибо на кону жизнь близких ему людей. И думать ему придется быстро, ведь на Диком западе, быстрый значит живой.

Френсіс Скотт Фіцджеральд. Кохання останнього магната
 1941 73.00 руб.

Френсіс Скотт Фіцджеральд (1896–1940) – видатний американський письменник, автор багатьох романів та оповідань про покоління «епохи джазу». У видавництві «Фоліо» вийшли друком його книжки «Ніч лагідна», «Великий Ґетсбі» та «По той бік раю».

Владимир Владимирович Слипец. Конец пути
 2018 0 руб.

В «Конец пути» стекаются души со всего мира так долго, что даже старый бармен уже не помнит, когда все началось. В бар приходит семерка новых незнакомцев. Никто не помнит, как сюда попал. У каждого за плечами долгая история, которая вскоре тяжко упадет на крепкие плечи бармена. Кто эти люди, от чего они бегут и что стараются забыть? И что с этим баром не так?Дизайн обложки: Владимир Владимирович Слипец.

Олег Велесов. Америкэн-Сити
 2009 59.90 руб.

Иногда наши желания остепениться и встать на путь добродетели не находят отклика в сердцах других людей и тогда вновь приходиться брать в руки револьвер и идти защищать свою мечту. Но как же много тех "других людей", мечтающих только о том, чтобы не дать твоей мечте осуществиться.

Diana Palmer. Diamond Spur
  365.38 руб.

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author DIANA PALMER serves up one of her most popular Texans–Jason Donavan–in a thrilling story destined to enthrall her many readers!Texas rancher Jason Donavan is known for his temper, his brooding nature and his deep distrust of women. No one at the Diamond Spur ranch can stand his moods–except Kate Whittman. She might be young, but she knows Jason is the only man for her. Kate wants him more than anything, but he offers her only brotherly protection–until she discovers that Jason's desire for her is as strong as hers for him.Ever the gruff cowboy, Jason insists that commitment and love aren't for him. So Kate pursues her own life, away from the man she loves. But just when it seems that her fairy tale is coming true, fate brings her back to Texas. To Jason. And to a dream that she'd almost abandoned…

Maisey Yates. Mail Order Cowboy
  610.68 руб.

She’s come to Gold Valley, Oregon, for a fresh start—and roped the perfect cowboyJackson Reid is a man fully in control of his world, and his ranch. But when a past one-night stand shows up without warning and leaves him holding a baby, his whole life is turned upside down. He’s in over his head, and he has one solution: a nanny. But when he picks Savannah Sturm up from the airport, he finds that she’s so much more than the «plain and tall» woman she described herself as…With one glance, Savannah’s new boss makes her feel more than her cheating ex ever did. Jackson insists he can’t do relationships, especially now that his priority is baby Lily. But his “no strings, just sex” offer is irresistible. And as raw desire gives way to something far deeper, maybe it’s Jackson’s turn to learn how right being wrong can feel…

Douglas Coupland. Eleanor Rigby
  488.40 руб.

Following the hugely acclaimed bestseller Hey Nostradamus! comes a major novel from Douglas Coupland: the wonderfully warm, funny, life-affirming story of Liz Dunn, a woman who has spent her whole life alone and lonely – until now… This is a brilliant work of commercial literary fiction from an author who just gets better and better.'My name is Liz Dunn. The Liz Dunns of this world take classes in croissant baking, and would rather chew on soccer balls than deny their children muesli. They own one sex toy, plus one cowboy fantasy that accompanies its use… Look at me: I am a traitor to my name: I'm not cheerful; I'm drab. I'm crabby and friendless. And lonely.'Liz Dunn is 42 years old, and lonely. Her house is like 'a spinster's cell block', and she may or may not snore – there's never been anybody to tell her. Then one day in 1997, with the comet Hale Bopp burning bright in the blue-black sky, Liz receives an urgent phone call asking her to visit a young man in hospital. All at once, the loneliness that has come to define her is ripped away by this funny, smart, handsome young stranger, Jeremy. Her son.Eleanor Rigby is a tale of loneliness and hope that introduces Douglas Coupland's finest character yet. Illuminated by a wonderfully gentle, searching wisdom, it sees Coupland ascend to a new level of peace and grace in his ever-more-extraordinary career.

Genell Dellin. Montana Gold
  183.06 руб.

Chase Lomax grew up rough and hard, until he found a home in the rodeo.Now he’s a five-time riding champion who has been on the circuit nearly twenty years – a long time in a young man’s game. Ellen Hawthorne’s no stranger to adversity. A rodeo bullfighter, she’s made a name for herself in the male-dominated sport. Dancing with danger every night gives her a rush unlike any other, until one fateful night changes everything.With Ellen unable to distract a rogue bull, Chase is thrown to the ground and injured. Now these two proud loners must rely on each other for the strength to rebuild their lives and the courage to take the greatest risk of all…love.

Diana Palmer. His Girl Friday
  120.09 руб.

From New York Times bestseller Diana Palmer comes a reader-favorite story of a woman attempting to do the impossible: tame the roguish man she loves from afar…There has only ever been one man for young Danetta Marist…but he's the one she can never have. That's gruff, handsome boss Cabe Ritter, whose mere glance makes her spine tingle and her heart race. And then there was that heart-stopping kiss in his office. But Danetta believes in marriage and happily-ever-afters. And everyone knows Cabe is a terrible womanizer…Deep down, Cabe is no playboy. Long ago, he put up a facade to protect himself from any woman–like his alluring secretary–who wanted a commitment from him. Cabe knows that young, fresh and deliciously tempting Danetta has a lot to learn about love. But now that he has held her in his arms once, he decides that he'll be the man to teach her…for the rest of their lives.

Maisey Yates. Down Home Cowboy
  457.64 руб.

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