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Малый бизнес

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Олеся Корытько. Бизнес с нуля
  490.00 руб.

Курс «Бизнес с нуля» – это комбинация основ бизнеса от лучших западных ВУЗов, опыт фирм, работающих в странах с развитой конкуренцией, примеры отечественных компаний, которые представлены в упрощенном формате для создания и развития своего бизнеса в СНГ.

Андрей Меркулов. Удвоение продаж в оконном бизнесе
 2016 249.00 руб.

Книга «Удвоение продаж в оконном бизнесе» предназначена для владельцев оконных компаний, а также для коммерческих директоров, в задачи которых входит увеличение прибыльности оконного бизнеса.

Flamholtz G. Eric. Growing Pains
  3112.41 руб.

Considered a sign of the ‘coming of age’ of video games as an artistic medium, the award-winning BioShock franchise covers vast philosophical ground. BioShock and Philosophy: Irrational Game, Rational Book presents expert reflections by philosophers (and Bioshock connoisseurs) on this critically acclaimed and immersive fan-favorite. Reveals the philosophical questions raised through the artistic complexity, compelling characters and absorbing plots of this ground-breaking first-person shooter (FPS) Explores what BioShock teaches the gamer about gaming, and the aesthetics of video game storytelling Addresses a wide array of topics including Marxism, propaganda, human enhancement technologies, political decision-making, free will, morality, feminism, transworld individuality, and vending machines in the dystopian society of Rapture Considers visionary game developer Ken Levine’s depiction of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, as well as the theories of Aristotle, de Beauvoir, Dewey, Leibniz, Marx, Plato, and others from the Hall of Philosophical Heroes

Myrick . Running a Food Truck For Dummies
  1300.99 руб.

“Make sure your students follow your instructions.” That sounds like a straightforward instruction, but in fact, it’s fairly abstract. What does a teacher actually have to do to make sure students are following? Even the leader delivering this direction may not know, and the first-year teacher almost certainly doesn’t. The vast majority of teachers are only observed one or two times per year on average—and even among those who are observed, scarcely any are given feedback as to how they could improve. The bottom line is clear: teachers do not need to be evaluated so much as they need to be developed and coached. In Get Better Faster: A 90-Day Plan for Coaching New Teachers, Paul Bambrick-Santoyo shares instructive tools of how school leaders can effectively guide new teachers to success. Over the course of the book, we break down the most critical actions leaders and teachers must enact to achieve exemplary results. Designed for coaches as well as beginning teachers, Get Better Faster is an integral coaching tool for any school leader eager to help their teachers succeed. It’s the book’s focus on the actionable—the practice-able—that drives effective coaching. By practicing the concrete actions and micro-skills listed here, teachers will markedly improve their ability to lead a class, producing a steady chain reaction of future teaching success. Though focused heavily on the first 90 days of teacher development, it’s possible to implement this work at any time. New and old teachers alike can benefit from the guidance of Get Better Faster and close their existing instructional gaps. Packed with practical training tools, including agendas, presentation slides, a coach’s guide, handouts, planning templates, and 35 video clips of real teachers at work, Get Better Faster will teach you: The core principles of coaching: Go Granular, Make Feedback More Frequent, Top action steps to launch a teacher’s development in an easy-to-read scope and sequence guide The four phases of skill building: Phase 1 (Pre-Teaching): Dress Rehearsal Phase 2: Instant Immersion Phase 3: Getting into Gear Phase 4: The Power of Discourse

Gatski Kate. Starting an Etsy Business For Dummies
  1414.16 руб.

Practicing Servant-Leadership brings together a group of exceptional thinkers who offer a compendium of thought on the topic of bringing servant-leadership into the daily lives of leaders. Each contributor focuses on his or her area of expertise, exploring how servant-leadership works in the real world, using examples from a variety of organizations such as businesses, nonprofits, churches, schools, foundations, and leadership organizations. Highlights of the book's twelve essays include information on: how the idealistic vision of the servant as leader works even in the competitive world of business. encouraging leaders to begin by looking at what they themselves want to become and then to bring this knowledge into their daily leadership. how the principles of servant-leadership can enhance our understanding and practice of philanthropy. examining the board chairperson's especially vital role as a servant- leader. exploring what leaders learn from being followers. Order your copy today!

Kranz Maciej. Building the Internet of Things
  1697.68 руб.

Надежда Владимировна Котельникова. Как подготовить бизнес-план. Советы начинающему предпринимателю
 2017 349.00 руб.

Думаете об открытии бизнеса или развитии существующего? Чтобы избежать потери времени, сил и денег необходимо составить бизнес план. В этом Вам поможет изучение практически полезной информации, представленной в данной книге. Вы узнаете о том что необходимо сделать до открытия бизнеса, как продумать механизм его функционирования, как рассчитать затраты и оценить выгодность вложений. В конце книге приведены задания, выполнив которые Вы получите бизнес план для себя, инвесторов, кредиторов.

Дмитрий Чарков. Магия роста малого бизнеса
 2015 0 руб.

Магия требует усилий: взмахнуть жезлом, приготовить отвар, обнаружить заветный камень… Как наделить жезл силой, где собрать ингредиенты для магического зелья или корректно составить формулу заклинания? А если ваша область волшебства – в собственном бизнесе, то используйте соответствующий этому направлению набор магических манипуляций: управляйте своим продуктом, управляйте своими сотрудниками и своим собственным временем – будьте до конца волшебником своего дела!

Баян Қуанышбекқызы Купешова. Фирмалар қаржысы
 2015 175.00 руб.

Оқу құралы «Фирмалар қаржысы» курсы бойынша негізгі тақы-рыптарды, фирманың қаржылық ресурстарын басқаруды, оларды қа-лыптастыру көздері мен пайдалану бағыттарын қарастырады. Бұл оқу құралы жоғары оқу орындарының экономика мамандығының студент-теріне арналған.

Наталия Николаевна Морозова. Об «упрощенке» за рюмкой чая
 2017 249.00 руб.

Книга – пошаговая инструкция для начинающего предпринимателя, которому для успешного начала и ведения Дела надо знать, в какие сроки, какие налоги и взносы платить, как и перед кем отчитываться, за что и какую ответственность он несет. Правильное понимание нюансов УСН позволит не завышать налог, не платить штрафы и пени, и, что немаловажно, сохранить в целости нервные клетки.

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